Residential Waste

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Our 96 gallon garbage cans are sturdy and easy to use.

43in- height 24In- Width 30in- Depth
We are currently Serving Monona County, IA

If you are located outside of Monona County, we would still love to hear from you. As our business grows, so will our service territory. If you are interested in having Carrier Container Company service your area for residential garbage, fill out this form and we will keep you up to date!

We offer up to 10 garbage cans per household. Most households use 1-2, but we know that every family is unique. Our pickup schedule is bi-weekly or weekly. We really are in this business to put our customers first and meet your needs. Managing a home is a lot of work, and we promise to pull our weight in the garbage department!

Prices starting at $21.25 per month

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