Onawa Residents

Through a partnership with the City of Onawa, Carrier Container Company is your garbage service provider. A 96 gallon garbage cart is being provided for your use at no charge. Our objective is to provide you with the best possible solid waste management. The material provided in this packet explains our solid waste collection practices and care instructions for the garbage cart. We look forward to serving you and your community for years to come!

Garbage Collection

Your garbage collection day will be the same as it currently is until further notice. You must have your cart to the curb no later than 6:00am on your pick up day. Please remove your cart from the curb by midnight on the day of collection. To avoid being missed for pickup, it is recommended to place container out the night before collection day.

Disabled Individuals Cart Assistance

Upon receiving a completed physician verification form, special collection will be provided for the physically disabled. These forms are available by clicking HERE and printing the form.

Holiday Schedule

In the event your collection date falls on a holiday, collection will resume the following business day. You can find the holiday garbage pickup schedule by clicking HERE.

Other Containers & Carts

You may not use any other container for garbage except the one issued by the Carrier Container Company. The automated nature of this service does not allow for variations in cart size or type.

Additional Carts

If you need any additional carts for household waste, one will be provided to you for a fee of $10.50 / month, billed annually by Carrier Container Company.

Yard Waste Program

If you would like to participate in our yard waste collection program, you will be provided a cart (to use only for yard waste) that will be picked up on the same day as your regular garbage collection from April 1st – October 1st. The cost of this program is $150 annually. Call 712-420-2449 to sign up.

Garbage Cart Placement

Leave at least 3 feet between carts

Place cart within 2 feet of the curb (off the street)

Allow 18ft of clearance above carts

Do not park personal vehicles within 10 feet of containers

Face container handles / wheels  toward your home

Do not drill into, bolt, or fasten any objects to your cart

Do not overfill cart or place additional garbage on top of container

Avoid packing materials tightly inside cart

Ownership of Garbage Cart

he 96 gallon garbage cart is owned and provided by Carrier Container Company.  It is being provided for your solid waste disposal use.

We are not responsible for any accidents or property damage caused by the cart, please keep your cart secure on windy days and keep animals and small children away from the carts.


Billing for your garbage service is conducted by The City of Onawa. If you request an additional cart, that cart will be billed by Carrier Container Company. Please call the City of Onawa with questions about billing. 712-433-1181

Acceptable

Up to 150lbs of:

Non-hazardous household waste, food, and paper.

*For health and safety, please continue to bag your garbage before placing it in the carts.

Unacceptable

Ammunition, Fireworks

Ashes (Hot or Cold)

Batteries, Vehicle

Concrete, Dirt, or Rocks

Dead Animals

Electronics, Computers, TVs

Household Hazardous Waste


Medical Waste

Motor Oil

Propane Tanks

Sharps (needles or syringes)


Yard Waste

Un-bagged packing pellets or sawdust

Cart Care

Please wash your cart out periodically with a garden hose. The carts are designed with a smooth interior surface for easy cleaning. You are responsible for keeping the container in clean and sanitary condition. Do not mark or write anywhere on the cart surface. Do not paint or deface the cart in any way.

Damage to Cart

If your cart breaks through normal use, we will replace it at no cost. We are not responsible for repair or replacement of the cart when it is damaged due to customer abuse or neglect. Call 712-420-2449 to report damage to your cart.

Onawa Collection Map